Hi! I’m Lisa Traugott

In case you were wondering, here are a few things about me… I live in Austin, Texas with my awesome husband, Henri, and two children, Rylee Brianna and Henry V. You may know me from the John Cena FOX TV show “American Grit” where I was an original cast member on Noah Galloway’s team.  (We won – yay!)  Before stumbling into the world of reality-TV my life was pretty normal.

Like a lot of moms, I put on weight during pregnancy that I never seemed able to shake.  But with my 20th high school reunion approaching, and none of my typical dieting tricks working, I decided to try something dramatic:  At age 38 and my doctor telling me I was borderline obese, I decided to enter a bodybuilding bikini competition and it literally changed my life.

I lost 50 lbs. and fixed my messy life in the process.  While training for this competition I began to blog at ShesLosingIt.com about strength training while potty training and epic battles with my trainer about my very valid reasons why I should cheat on my diet.  My blog turned into a book the Statesman Social called “The Best New Year/New You book,” which made me feel awesome because I wrote it to be a Rocky for Moms.

I’m also Mom’s Choice Award winning writer of the children’s book, “Mind Your Manners Minnie Monster” which I also illustrated.  Back in 1999 while eating in a pizza joint in New York City I witnessed a little punk toddler say to his mom, “Mommy, I SAID NO!” and then threw his spaghetti against the wall.  Minnie Monster was born that day.  She’s sort of an anti-hero, doing everything wrong until she decides to get her act together.

Why Am I Writing This Blog?

Lisa, you say, if you already have a blog, why are you starting another one? Great question, thanks for asking.

ShesLosingIt.com is a fitness blog, dedicated to things like weight loss tips and bodybuilding. This blog is a pure, straight-up mommy blog.

This year I’m (gulp!) going to homeschool my daughter. I’m not a teacher, I’ve never homeschooled and part of me is confident that whatever decision I make about her education it will be the wrong one and one day we’ll all laugh about this in therapy. In the meantime this blog will be my online therapy.

I’ll write about my ups and downs and hopefully it will be helpful to some other mom out there also scratching her head try to figure this whole mommy thing out.

Thanks for visiting my blog!